What is a Brazilian butt lift

BBL or Brazilian butt lift is one of the commonest plastic surgery procedures practiced in Egypt. Simply it is a fat transfer from some areas of your own body to the buttocks to enhance its shape, size and contour. If exercise alone isn’t giving you the results you wish for then BBL is right for you.

Brazilian Butt lift procedure (Step by Step)

1- You get examined by Dr Mohamed Ashraf, discuss the shape, size you wish to have and the areas where you wish to have the fat from. It’s like “killing two birds with one stone” get rid of excess fat from some areas and have it implanted in another areas.

2- Markings on your body are made for areas and liposuction are made.

3- The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia or epidural anesthesia.

4- High definition liposuction is done in areas desired and discussed with the doctor

5- Fat is collected and processed with our technique to make it ready to be injected

6- Fat is injected in the buttocks under the skin and over the muscles.

Brazilian butt lift and Ultrasound

Sometimes we use ultrasound to help us place the fat over the muscles and avoid injecting it into big vessels for a better and safer outcome.

Who needs a butt lift

  • When healthy diet and exercise isn’t enough to give you the shape you want.
  • If you want to change the genetic shape of your butt without the hustle of training and going to the gym
  • If you wish to enhance your overall body contour and proportions.
  • If you’re butt had gone saggy after weight loss.
  • If you wish to restore your youthful appearance.

Side effects of Brazilian butt lift

Dr Mohamed Ashraf strictly follows the latest guidelines by the American society of aesthetic plastic surgery to ensure the safest injection techniques. Yet like any procedure there might be some side effects, however it’s considered a very safe procedure with a low risk of infection compared to silicone implants in the butt.

1- Infection

2- Bumps under the skin can be felt for sometimes

3- Pain and bruises

4- Scarring

5- Loss of skin

6- Death, usually due to fat embolism (when fat is injected into big vessels) yet it is a very rare around 1:4000 and some studies say it’s even much lower.

Recovery from BBL procedure

Usually you’ll get discharged from the hospital the next day after surgery

It takes around 2-5 days to recover, pain is usually mild-moderate and well tolerated with pain killers.

There might be be slight swelling and bruising in areas of liposuction or the butt

  • You’ll be asked to stop smoking as it may decrease fat survival
  • Antibiotics are prescribed for around 7 days after surgery
  • Drains are removed from areas of liposuction in the first 2-3 days
  • You’ll be asked not to sit too long for the first 3 weeks (Special pillows are also available)
  • Compression garments are to be worn for 6 weeks after the procedure.
  • Stay away from the gym for the first 3-4 weeks

Fat transfer results


In a BBl we tend to over fill the butt with fat as only around 60% of the fat will survive the transfer. It takes around 6 weeks for the body to accept the fat and take it as its own.

Final Results

After 6 weeks usually the results are final and permanent,  the fat that remained will last forever. However if you lose much weight or gain much more weight results my change, as the fat may decrease or increase with your weight changes. So it’s always best to keep your body weight close to that at the time of surgery to have the best shape.

BBL vs body fillers vs Silicone

Body fillers

Dr Mohamed Ashraf is totally against body fillers as it has a very high risk of infection and usually used off label in Egypt.

Butt Silicone implants

Unlike fat, silicone implants  carry a long term side risk of displacement and moving to an undesired place giving the butt an abnormal shape on the long term. In the short term they carry the risk of infection which is relatively high in butt silicone unlike in breast.

The cost of Brazilian butt lift in Egypt

Depends on the number of areas you’ll have liposuction from, The hospital we’re doing the surgery at and the experience of the surgeon. Dr Mohamed Ashraf has a huge experience in body contouring with hundreds of bbl cases where you can see during the consultation. You can contact us for a consultation or if you’re abroad you can send us pictures and we’ll send you a quotation.

Brazilian butt lift before and after photos

BBL before and after

Brazilian butt lift - Before and after