Women seek a breast lift usually because a sagging, droopy and deflated breasts can lead to unfavorable breast appearance. A beautiful shaped breasts  isn’t just about it’s size, a harmonious proportionate round youthful breast shape is the ultimate goal of the skilled aesthetic surgeon, using his armamentarium of different surgical techniques to manage each case uniquely.

What is a breast lift?

A breast lift is a surgery that restores the normal youthful breast appearance by removing excess skin to make them perkier, full and raising the nipple and areola upward and make them look forward and pointy.

Apart from the feminine youthful breast shape, it helps women dress more comfortably and makes their bras and swim suits fit easier in a more attractive fashion.

Why women seek breast lift?

  • Restore a feminine breast shape after pregnancy and lactation. Hormones during pregnancy may have it’s drawback on the appearance of your breast that might make you struggle. A breast lift surgery with or without silicone implants may be the answer to your problem
  • Have a feminine contour after Massive weight loss. Which became very common after weight loss surgeries may lead to unfavorable deflated breast shape. a breast lift removes excess skin and reshapes the breast tissues to a more feminine perkier appearance.
  • Improve the shape due to effect of gravity continuously pulling on your breast skin
  • Have a more firmer breast consistency, sometimes it’s just in your genes and your breast sagging is present since puberty, so having a firmer perkier breast for the first time is your dream which can be achieved by our surgery.

4 ways to know know if you need a breast lift

The best way is to consult a qualified cosmetic surgeon but the following points are a good indication that you’re a breast lift candidate

  1. If your nipple is pointing downwards.
  2. If your nipple and areola lies below the breast crease.
  3. If your breasts are asymmetrical.
  4. If you don’t like your breast size wearing a bra ( you’ll need to lift and add a silicone implant with an augmentation mastopexy procedure).

Types and techniques of breast lift

There is no one technique that fits all, every breast is different and the technique should be tailored according to the need with the minimal incisions (later scar) to achieve the best shape. Dr Mohamed Ashraf will explain during the consultation which technique is best for your case.

Crescent breast lift

rarely performed, for minimal sagging and minimal scar just on the upper border of the areola

Donut breast lift

circumareolar mastopexy, the scars are donut shape around the areola. For minimal sagging breast and leaves a minimal scars barely seen

Lollipop (vertical) breast lift

the scars are around the areola and vertically downwards towards the breast crease. it corrects moderate breast sagging

Inverted-T technique

it’s the lift with most incisions , the scar is around the areola, vertically and in the skin crease. Used for patients with severe breast sagging usually after massive weight loss

Combining Breast lift and  Breast augmentation

Also known as Augmentation Mastopexy When sagging is not your only problem and your breast is deflated and droopy, and you’re unhappy with your breast size when wearing a bra. You may be a good candidate for a with silicone implant inserted during your breast lift procedure.


Recovery and aftercare

The first week you’ll have some swellings, bruises and they’ll diminish by time.

You’ll be instructed to wear our medical bra.

Antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed.

follow up visits would be around 3-4 times in the first 2 weeks after surgery.

The final breast shape will usually around three months from the procedure.

Breast lift before and after cases

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Potential Risks in Breast Lift Surgery

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Blood (Hematoma) or Fluid Collection (Seroma)

Accumulation of blood or fluid may occur and require drainage.


Like any surgery, the site is liable to infection; however, it’s uncommon with proper care and antibiotics prescribed after surgery.

Poor Wound Healing

Some patients may experience delayed wound healing and potential scarring. Smokers and diabetics are at a higher risk of developing this complication.


There is always a scar in our surgery; however, the extent varies based on individual healing factors.


Slight asymmetry after a breast procedure is not uncommon.

Breast Feeding

The technique used will determine the possibility of future lactation affection. Dr. Mohamed Ashraf will discuss this risk factor individually with you during the consultation.

Loss of Tissues

Tissue loss from the breast, nipple, or areola is a rare complication in breast lift yet remains possible.

General Risk Factors of Any Surgery

Risk of anesthesia, allergy from medication, or blood clot formation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a breast lift considered a permanent procedure?

Absolutely not, it is a cosmetic procedure that improves the current shape at the time of surgery. However, we can’t beat hormonal changes if pregnancy or lactation occurs later on or the normal aging process.

Do breast lift scars disappear?

With proper care, they tend to fade away over time, yet they never really disappear.

Does a breast lift affect future lactation?

Depends on the technique used for your case, but it may affect future lactation.

What is a Mommy Make-over?

It is combining a breast surgery and a tummy procedure in one setting, as pregnancy usually has its effect on both breasts and abdomen of women.