Rhinoplasty is not always the aim of enhancing the aesthetic shape only, but there are other cases that make you may resort to this process, the shape of the nose or the presence of any distortion in it may cause difficulty breathing, so these operations greatly affect the repair of the shape of the nose in addition to breathing problems to become the result The final nose is in harmony with the face and its details.


What can rhinoplasty treat?

  • Correcting the size of the nose to match the face
  • Correction of a deviated nasal septum, where this deviation leads to difficulty breathing due to obstruction of one or both nostrils
  • Correction of large and wide nostrils
  • nose symmetry correction
  • treatment of deformities in the nose; Which can be the result of injury or congenital defect Correction, narrowing or widening of the bridge of the nose, or in order to adjust the angles between the lips and the nose


Rhinoplasty results

The results of rhinoplasty are long-term results. After the swelling fades within weeks, you can notice the results that begin to recover gradually, as you notice a big difference in the shape of your nose, but to reach the final result, it may take a year.
With age, it is normal for some gradual changes to occur on your face, including your nose, but the improvement in your nose is permanent, and a healthy lifestyle helps the new results stay for life.

Rhinoplasty conditions

There are some major conditions that you can get a rhinoplasty only after all these conditions are met. Among these conditions:

  1. The facial muscles must be fully developed, in other words, it is not permissible to perform this operation for children at a young age.
  2. That the bones of the face are intact without any deformation.
  3. You must have good health.
  4. Not to be a smoker, and smoking must be stopped before the operation.

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